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Our Story

Who We Are

To the New Zealand Maori, ‘ora’ means life, health & vitality. Eco Ora is a new kind of supplement brand. It was created to replace synthetic supplements with the power of nature’s superfoods and supernutrients. Just simplicity, traceability, and natural products that work best in the body. Rejuvenation should be pure. And simple.

Armed with little more than two laptops, Caryn and Lisa set up Eco Ora on their kitchen tables. Their dream being to introduce the world to fucoidan seaweed extract, enhance health and vitality as we get older, and change the supplement industry for the better. Eco Ora is all about feeling good and living life to the fullest.

Caryn has been around seaweed products, and other natural supernutrients, for most of her life. Her family has been heavily involved in, and often pioneered, the wholesale of health food and nutritional supplements in New Zealand for over 40 years.

Master Seaweedologist, revolutionist, entrepreneur, advocate for holistic health, and seeker of extraordinary quality of life (and longevity) for all people. Caryn is super passionate about marine-sourced supernutrients, particularly their exciting untapped bioactive elements that are of huge benefit for achieving optimal health and longevity.
Digital marketer, good coffee drinker, TV binge-watcher (her latest are Narcos & Better Call Saul), and voracious book reader (anything from the NYT Bestseller List). Lisa’s journey to achieve better health began in earnest in 2014 after being diagnosed with the auto-immune condition ‘pernicious anemia’.

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