Fucoidan Products NZ

Fucoidan is an amazing natural bioactive extract found within brown seaweeds. It has long been used as a standard complementary therapy in parts of Asia, including Japan, Korea and China. Because it is rich in fucose, sulfate esters and other healthy compounds, it is a fantastic daily supplement for supporting a healthy immune system, improving gut health, and reducing pain and inflammation.

Our Eco Ora fucoidan products  are sourced from unique brown seaweed Chordaria cladosiphon (mozuku) from the clean, South Pacific waters of Tonga. The mozuku seaweed is carefully cleaned, flash-frozen for freshness, and transported to a GMP manufacturing facility in New Zealand.

You can be assured that Eco Ora fucoidan products are extracted from the mozuku seaweed using only a chemical-free proprietary extraction process. This means that they have superior bioavailability for your body to absorb and use.

With such a wide ranging health benefit profile, Eco Ora fucoidan products NZ are powerful bioactive nutraceuticals for those who are looking to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. Ready to live each day to the fullest?