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If you spend some time clicking around the Eco Ora website, you’ll soon find our advice about the benefits of fucoidan, and more.

However, if you’re new to fucoidan, there’s no better way to feel comfortable with a potential product purchase than to hear from the people who’ve actually used it. As much as we can show you the benefits of fucoidan throughout our website, nothing quite beats real customer reviews.

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At Eco Ora, we’re dedicated to informing and educating you. Along with guides and blogs, we’re happy to provide the latest scientific studies and research on fucoidan. However, some of the most knowledgeable people about fucoidan are other users just like you.  Fucoidan testimonials give you the information you need, straight from the people who regularly use it. No scientific jargon, no overt marketing terms. These reviews offer simple, usable information about what people liked, what they didn’t, and how certain Eco Ora fucoidan products might fit into your life.

That’s why we’ve created this fucoidan testimonials page.

It’s our way of showcasing our ever-growing list of satisfied customers.

We hope it gives you insight into how people just like you are using fucoidan products and why they are enjoying Eco Ora. That way, you can make the very best decision for yourself.

I was recommended this fucoidan supplement from a family member after having bowel cancer surgery a couple of years ago. Because it is derived from seaweed and I have heard seaweed is often used by hospitals in dressings for wound healing I thought I’d give it a go. Fucoidan significantly helped my digestive system to recover at a time when I was in pain and desperate to recover. I feel it may have helped significantly to heal me from the inside out. I keep taking a maintenance dose as a digestive support and to help stop the cancer returning and so far so good!

David, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

I have been taking Fucoidan now for about 4 months and wow what a difference they have made to my life. I used to suffer from stiff hands and and this appears to be totally gone. I was never a morning person and I was always quite stiff/achy in the mornings and had to almost warm my body up but now I pop out of bed full of energy. I call them my natural buzz pills and I feel lighter on my feet and clearer in my head. My husband has decided he wants some of what I have and has started taking them too. I have been recommending them to everyone.

Rebekah, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

After taking Fucoidan for two weeks, I noticed that I was feeling far more energetic and that my skin was suddenly a lot clearer. The only change I had made was taking these Fucoidan tablets. In addition, I was going to the toilet a lot more regularly. I couldn’t believe the difference it made in such a short period. I will definitely continue taking Fucoidan and getting my husband to take them too….Thanks Eco Ora.

Alison, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

I started taking Fucoidan a month ago and started noticing positive changes with a few weeks. It eased my digestion problems significantly, my skin was fantastic but most positive of all was I had been fighting off the start of a cold and I’m absolutely sure it was Fucoidan that stopped it coming on. After only a month it’s been the best all round health supplement I’ve ever taken.

Heidi, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

Very satisfied with the product. Have had great benefits. Will certainly recommend to friends and family .

Alison, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

I am a Longevity Researcher and Author. Fucoidan and Its uses as a Anti-Aging supplement has been part of my research for many years. I have trialed a number of ranges over the years, and now my preferred brand is the Eco Ora IMMUNO-FX Fucoidan from New Zealand. The company has strong ethics when developing health products; which is paramount to quality supplements that the body can benefit from.

Sonia, Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA

I’m 45 and I have had nothing but success with this product. I took my time looking for a natural treatment option to alleviate my gout attacks without harmful side effects. I feel stronger and younger.

Andrew, Auckland, New Zealand

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